Welcome to my blog.

I’m a passionate problem-solver first and foremost.

I’ve done a lot of different projects in a lot of different industries over my 14 year career, of varying complexity and purpose. I enjoy all aspects of the profession, but in my opinion there is nothing more satisfying than getting stuck into a big, juicy business problem and finishing up with a beautifully elegant solution.

I also enjoy playing around with new emerging technologies at home. More about that in my blog…



Here’s how I’ve spent my career so far.

I started my career in London with ING Bank in 2004, mainly rewriting old VB6 and MS Access/VBA desktop applications into new .Net versions. I was there just shy of 5 years. Great experience learning the ropes but I decided to go contracting to free myself of the red tape, pursue newer technology and broaden my experience.

I started working for Euromoney, building public-facing news websites but I didn’t it especially challenging. Those projects were a glorified presentation layer over a pre-existing database fed by a generic content management system.

The next contract was relatively short for Group NBT, integrating a new accounting system into existing business applications and subsequently building a multi-lingual control panel for VM provisioning. I enjoyed the project as there were some interesting problems to solve.

On completion ING asked me back as a contractor as there were a couple of new projects. My favourite of the bunch was the creation of a new UI to integrate with an old mainframe system. A great example of how important the user experience is, by encapsulating all the nasty text based mainframe commands under an elegant UI that could perform the same in just a few clicks. The team won an internal recognition award for that project.

After that I worked for KPMG on a remediation platform where my brainchild of a configurable business rules engine came into being. A solution that I am rather proud of and that has since been developed further at eTech. Naturally, there are other rules engines but nothing was quite as flexible as I needed… so I built one, and mighty fine it is too.

In August 2013, I left London after that and worked in Solihull for eTech Solutions as a C# Developer. It was a fantastic experience and I’ve enjoyed working on a number of strategic, very ambitious and challenging projects with some great developers passionate about quality. I also had the privilege of mentoring some great juniors and interns and – together with one of my colleagues – spearheading staff development initiatives including, Friday afternoon tech talks and book club.

I moved on to Coventry Building Society on an integration project which carried a brand new set of challenges. The main project was deliver successfully in December 2017. I’ve since transitioned onto a new team at The Coventry building a bespoke software delivery tool. With a slightly shorter working day and a slightly shorter commute I’ve enjoyed extra time to play with some of the emerging technologies and going to meetups regularly.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, hiking and going to the gym. I’ve done the London to Cambridge a couple of times and competed in the 2014 Le Mans 24 heures Velo in a team of 8. I took on the Three Peaks Challenge on 17th June 2016 and just about survived.